Anisa Hayes sings and writes melodic folk-pop and Americana. She has often been compared to artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, and Jewel.

She consistently captivates audiences with her relatable stage presence and intimate, story-telling lyrics. She has been described as "a spark of musical light", "provocative" and "poetic". Her lyrics are simple, honest, and rich in picturesque detail. Many are cathartic. One fan explained: "It's like therapy... it's sincere. When she performs, it's as if she's in your living room." The themes Anisa writes about range from childhood memories to overcoming painful emotions to purely silly stories to biographical vignettes that highlight the human experience. She also writes songs inspired by the Baha'i writings. Her songs are sometimes playful and sometimes heart-wrenching. Fans know well that they can trigger a misty eye or a bout of nostalgia. 

Born into a musical family, Anisa began her journey as a child who loved to write poetry and sing. She started piano lessons at age nine and by age twelve she was strumming guitar and writing songs. She sang in school choirs and talent shows and studied music at Michigan State University. After high school, she started performing in coffee houses and worked her way into clubs and festivals, eventually opening for national acts. She spent 6 years in Nashville where she co-wrote alt-country, Americana, and pop songs, sang on demos, and played at writer's showcases including performing at the Bluebird Cafe. She currently calls Michigan home.